OGDEN RISING: Dee Demolition and Commercial Come-Down

OGDEN RISING: Dee Demolition and Commercial Come-Down

Ogden City has been spending a lot of effort to rejuvenate its city center.  There are many buildings that have sat fallow for some time or have run past their ‘best used by’ date.  Fortunately, progress is being made.  Here are a couple examples.





Dee school is an icon in Ogden.  Build in the 1970’s when avant-garde school architecture was in vogue, this school boasted a circular floorplan with no interior walls!  Whoa!  My two oldest children had the opportunity to attend the school when they were in kindergarten.  The school is just a stone’s throw form our home.  In the fall the School District finished New Bridge Elementary school near by and Ogden City purchased the old school.  The site of the old school will be cleared for new infill housing.









At 550 24th Street sat a commercial building that has been fallow for a very long time.  In fact, in the 13 years we have lived in the city, I can’t recall the building ever being occupied.  The city recently purchased it and tore it down.  The site will also be home to new infill housing.




Look for more exciting transformations in Ogden in the future!