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Ogden Property Management

Thank you for considering Vesta Property Management as your choice to serve your Weber County and Ogden  Property Management needs.  We are based in Ogden, Utah and are one of Ogden’s fastest growing property management service companies. We have an excellent track record of providing top tier management services for rental properties all along the Northern Wasatch Front.  Our mission is three-fold:


It is important that we maximize the return on investment that our clients receive from their property.  To accomplish this, we screen tenants based on their economic viability.  It is important that tenants have reliable incomes to pay regular rents.  We have 20 years of experience in screening tenants for risk factors associated with non-payment of rents.  Other considerations like timing lease expirations with peak demand for rental housing, only billing owners for actual repair costs, and a straight forward fee schedule make our company one of the best in Northern Utah for maximizing our owner’s return on investment.


Maintaining property condition is a key focus.  Our goal is to keep the property condition in such a state that it commands the highest rents for properties in its class.  Making periodic minor repairs and addressing tenant concerns in a timely and effective manner keep the property from deteriorating and losing its ability to be rented again at prevailing market rents.  Our company is quick to make needed repairs with our trusted team of reliable vendors.


As landlords, we recognize that tenant behavior can have an impact on the surrounding community.  It is our belief that tenants should be good neighbors.  That is why we are proud participants in Ogden City’s Good Landlord Program and apply its rigorous standards to all the properties we manage in Weber and Davis County.  We do credit and criminal background checks on all our tenants when they apply.  We want our tenants to make a positive contribution to the neighborhoods in which they reside.

Thank you for considering Vesta Property Management as your Weber County and Ogden Property Management specialists.  If you have further questions about our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We can discuss your investment property needs and find answers to make owning income property an enjoyable experience.


Want to learn more about what our company can do for your? Call Jeremy at 801-390-1480 for a courtesy review of your rental property today.