OGDEN RISING: Makeovers and Mixed Use

OGDEN RISING:  Makeovers and Mixed Use

Several development projects continue to wind their way through the approval processes in Ogden City but the list of potential projects is impressive.  Here are some recent highlights:

Little Audrey’s/Old Dee School No More

After sitting vacant and unused for the better part of a decade, developer Steven Peterson (no relation) is proposing to turn the old Ogden landmark into an apartment building.  The proposal includes solar panel carports and ripping up a significant portion of the parking lot to provide for green space.


How the building will be converted into an apartment will be interesting to watch.  The building has 13 foot ceilings and an indoor swimming pool in the back. Each classroom is 750 SQFT with huge common areas on each floor.  Two enormous original staircases adorn the east and west sides of the building.  The building also hosts an enormous boiler the size of a small bus.


Past school-to-residential conversion projects in the city include the old Madison School on the 24th block of Madison Ave.  The Kier Corporation converted that building to Section 8 housing back in the 1980’s.



2556 Washington Blvd. Facelift

This commercial unit is slated for a new facade which will be a significant upgrade from its current look.  It’s exciting to see this change.



144 25th Street Lurching Forward


Finally, the project at 144 25th Street continues to meander its way through the design/city approval process.  The original developer sold the lot (and preliminary site approval) to another developer who is now attempting to complete the process.  There are still many details to be ironed out including floorplans, parking, and landscaping details.  The original facade had a much more contemporary look which conflicted greatly with the Historic 25th St. aesthetic.  It appears the latest design includes a more harmonious dark brick exterior.


Let’s watch and see where these projects go.