OGDEN RISING: Neighborhood Metamorphosis 1880-2020

OGDEN RISING:  Neighborhood Metamorphosis 1880-2020

Ogden has been undergoing significant changes over the past 20 years starting with the election of Mayor Matthew Godfrey in 1999. It seems that since that time the city has been in a constant state of reinvention and rejuvenation. Most of this visible energy has been focused in the downtown core (honorable mentions going to Business Depot Ogden and the Ogden Stockyard Exchange areas of course.)

Which brings me to the latest example that epitomizes Ogden’s continuing transformation. Let’s look no further than 2210 Jefferson Ave.


Originally constructed in 1880’s Victorian-era Ogden, this darling edifice was a delightful twin home.  Originally, it would have boasted turned posts, gingerbread ornamentation, and all the decoration you would have come to expect from a building from that time period.  Sometime after its construction, probably in the 1920’s or 1930’s the home was subdivided into four units.  This is how it appears above when this photo was taken around 1950.



In the 1990’s the building had a fire which vaporized the roof.  The owner saw fit to “save” the building and put a shed roof over the remaining structure.  As you can see, it turned it into a Frankenstein-ish looking thing.  In 2007, a notorious real estate investment guru wrapped the home up in three mortgages and then walked away.   This building sat across the street from our home for years until 2013 when the banks finally digested their huge losses and put the building up for sale.  It was then I brokered a transaction between the bank and the city to purchase the property.


In January 2014 the wrecking crew arrived and made short work of the building.


The bedsore was gone.  Then in May 2020, activity started to pick up at the lot.


After laying the plumbing and foundation, the home went up at lighting fast speed when compared to other slow construction projects going on around the city.  Kudos to the construction managers for keeping this project on time.


The home was completed and recently listed for sale with my friends Cory and Rhonda Berdinner who currently serve as the contracted agents for Ogden City.  As of this writing, the home is under contract with a buyer after being listed for $395,000.


Ogden’s transformation continues and the story just keeps getting better.   If you are interesting in learning more about real estate in the Ogden market, give me a call at 801-390-1480 and let’s see what exciting opportunity awaits you.