Wacky Scenes from the Housing Market – April 2019

Wacky Scenes from the Housing Market – April 2019

It has been a while since we shared some of the absurd, unusual, and outright strange things we see while out in the field.   Enjoy some of the latest:

They weren’t lying.  Box Elder trees can grow just about anywhere it turns out.


Nice touch. Those curtains totally hide the 2×4 security bars screwed into the door.


Is the bedroom to small or the bed to big. Hmmmmm….


Terrify your child into using the toilet with this creepy evil wall mount urinal.


Look at the light switches in your house relative to your door knobs then tell me what is wrong with this.


Hanging Gardens of Paradise?  Or the Virginia Creeper Monster?


When you decide the best place to frame your fireplace is in front of the window.


No, this is not an animatronic deer head greeting us while we wait in line to ride a roller coaster or buy some pizza.


Aluminum foil would have been a more attractive roofing material.


Wash your hands the next time you touch anything.


When is one deadbolt not enough, but two too many?


MDF casing stuck on top of wood casing.  Finish work malpractice.


Huh?  Wall framing meets Fukushima vegetable.


This bedroom closet cleverly conceals the back side of the kitchen refrigerator.


Hodge podge lodge.


This is just the front door.  You should see the dungeon.


Just what were these people doing to require plush carpet on the top half of their bedroom walls?


We flinch every time the blade turns.


This comes from the MLS.  1.  The agent actually published this photo.  2.  They painted the doors on the carpet. 3.  Howard Hughes must have spent some time in this room.


Shower? Why not!


Note: Not the appropriate place to grow a garden.


You should have seen the cigarette.