Wacky Scenes from the Housing Market – June 2019

Wacky Scenes from the Housing Market – June 2019

Being a Realtor takes you many places many people never go.  Realtors also see many things that people never see.  Here are some of the latest sights that made us giggle…or cringe.

Accessory dwellings are all the rage with affordable housing being so scarce.  This house comes with an mother-in-law apartment in a tree.


Meh.  Just another run-of-the-mill 747 accident in the neighborhood.  (Courtesy of my vacation to Universal Studios)


Is your bathroom boring you to tears? Spruce it up with vanity wallpaper.



You learn a lot about people by the books in their home. This person appears very religious judging from the bible on their desk.


A stick is probably not the permanent solution to hold up this undermined foundation.


When marketing a home, curb appeal says so much.  In this case, the home says “Stop it! Don’t look at me!”


Awesome discoveries after removing some wood paneling.  The tenants tried to start a camp fire with the bathroom outlet AND never bothered to report water seeping into the sheetrock…


…and when you pull the moldy sheetrock back…a time capsule of old forgotten underwear stuffed into a hole in the wall. Score!


If you have a problem, the solution is even more staples.