Before and After Photos: The Renovation of 553 16th St.

Before and After Photos:  The Renovation of 553 16th St.

For the past several years, I have managed a small and cute rental cottage located at 553 16th Street in Ogden, Utah.  Recently, the owner asked me to organize a major renovation to the building to prepare it for sale.  The transformation was remarkable.  For about $11,000, we were able to take the house from being a tired edifice to a sparkling home.

For those of you interested in some of the improvements here are some specifics.  We used the Eddie Bauer color selection at lows.  The exterior was painted with a Cayenne base with Vanilla Bean trim.  The interior is a Vanilla Bean base with Canoe trim.  We decided to use butcher block countertop due to their affordability and beauty.  We also replaced all the windows and the bathtub.  We also rearranged the floorplan in relation to the bonus room on the main level.  We turned wasted space into closet space and reoriented the door to the room for easier access.

Here is the before and after video to show you the difference.

Rents were $495 prior to the renovation.  Ultimately, the owner decided to keep the home as a rental for a while longer.  After the renovation the property is renting for $700.

If you are thinking of renovating your home to prepare it for sale, CONTACT ME, and I would be glad to help you know what to do to get the most out of your improvement budget.