DEMOLITION DAY: Clearing Clutter

DEMOLITION DAY:  Clearing Clutter

Ogden’s downtown neighborhoods are a scene of constant improvement.  Along with new construction, renovations, and restorations, Ogden’s Trolley District area east of Washington Blvd. is blooming.


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With past week the mechanized-arm-of-death arrived to raze a home in anticipation of future development.  This particular home was a sad place.  Due to some recurring lapses in judgement, the previous owner was compelled to accept taxpayer-funded housing in Draper for the next several decades.  Meanwhile, the home wasted away and became a nuisance to the neighborhood.  The home came up for sale, was purchased, and has now been cleared.  Several other homes in the area have also made way for new development.



Onward and upward!