HGTV Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Ogden!

HGTV Extreme Makeover Home Edition – Ogden!

In August, the crews from HGTV’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition descended on our neighborhood to film the construction and delivery of a new home to a family in our community.  Ogden City had recently purchased 517 22nd St. which had been a problem property in the area for many years.

The site was bulldozed several months ago and left as an empty lot.  This site was chosen to be the location of the HGTV home to be given do a deserving family.  The premise of the show was to build a home in 7 days and deliver it to the family as a surprise.

Many sites around the neighborhood were used as staging areas for the construction.

A tent city for production crews was set up behind our home.



The 500 Block of 22nd Street was blockaded for the week.  Homeowners required special passes to get through security.  Construction traffic was heavy.

The Ogden Stake Center parking lot was volunteered to host construction crew vehicles.  There were over 300 volunteers working on the home.

Vacant lots at the Stone Hill subdivision across the street were used to prefabricate walls and roof structures.


The crews worked 24 hours a day through the end of construction.

The crews moved at an unbelievable speed.  Their efficiency made me embarrassed for my own subcontractors.

Finally came the day of the big reveal.  The whole neighborhood and community leaders gathered to celebrate the work that was accomplished.   When the bus drove off, the family was completely overcome.

You can view pictures of the family’s reaction HERE.

The end product of the construction is amazing.  The house boasts a unique southern style of architecture that hails back to 19th Century New Orleans but also compliments the surrounding neighborhood with a low pitched hipped roof and plank siding.  It is a marvelous architectural addition to our neighborhood.

We welcome the Barobi family to the neighborhood and look forward to their friendship.