INFERNO: The Burning of Historic 566 24th St.

INFERNO:  The Burning of Historic 566 24th St.

I walked into the office this morning to begin work.  After about a half hour I looked out the window and noticed white smoke billowing over my neighborhood.


I bolted out the door to see if it was a home of someone I knew.


This victorian mansion used to be owned by the Barker family and was originally built by the Eccles family at the turn of the century.  It is located at 566 24th St. in Ogden. By the time I arrived, the fire had worked its way into the attic.


Firefigthers had a difficult time getting water to the rear of the building.


The fenced lot also prevented the ladder trucks from getting around back.  Roy City was called to get another ladder truck on scene.


A few helpful citizens, including Travis Pate, helped dismantle the fence and remove posts so the truck could get to the rear of the property.


Nevertheless, the fire became more severe.

Attempts to dowse the fire were unsuccessful.  The effort then changed to containing the blaze and preventing damage to other properties.





The fire progressively worked its way down through the property and began to consume the first floor.


I am pretty sure the home is a complete loss.




It is sad to see this home burn.  It had been converted into sub-standard apartments and it was our hope as a community that it would be restored to a single-family use.



The commercial building next door is slated for demolition soon.  Once the fire was extinguished, it became apparent that this building will suffer the same fate soon.