MONEY FOR BUYERS: Own In Ogden Program Quadruples Amount Per Buyer

MONEY FOR BUYERS: Own In Ogden Program Quadruples Amount Per Buyer

The Own In Ogden Program has been a long standing institution in the Ogden real estate market. For decades, first time home buyers have been able to benefit from program funds when purchasing their first home.  With housing prices increasing rapidly over the past several years, program guidelines had been unable to keep up with the changing financial landscape.


Recently, Own In Ogden announced exciting new changes to their program.  Program funds have been enhanced to reflect current market conditions and there are some exciting caveats for teachers, police officers, and firefighters.  Here is the latest:


A. GENERAL PUBLIC – Buyers can receive $10,000 is funds for their purchase.


B. TEACHERS AND CITY EMPLOYEES – Teachers and school staff that serve Ogden students and Ogden City employees can recieve $15,000 in funds for their purchase.


C. FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE OFFICERS – Firefighters and polices officers working in Ogden City can receive $20,000 in funds for their purchase.


These new funding amounts are game changers for many buyers.


Of course, there are some stipulations that come with the funds.  The funds are a silent loan and must be repaid when the home is eventually sold.  There are some income limitation guidelines that will be very specific to each individual situation.


If you are interested in learning more about this program and want to see if you qualify, call me at 801-390-1480 and will walk through the guidelines together and see if the program will work for you.