OGDEN BOOM: Massive 17th Street Townhome Development

OGDEN BOOM:  Massive 17th Street Townhome Development

Ogden will soon see a boost in housing stock as Westates Companies has recently purchased the old Staker Parsons lot located at the corner of 17th Street and Wall Ave. for townhome development.  The lot is 9.5 acres and will host a total of 166 housing units.

The mix of buildings constructed on the site will vary between three 30-unit apartment buildings, eleven 6-plex townhouse buildings, and two 5-plex structures of the same variety.

Each of the townhomes will have a 2 car attached garage while the rest of the project will host an over abundance of parking stalls counted at 223.  This project is certain to have an impact on traffic at the 17th and Wall Ave. intersection.  While by other city standards this project may seem unremarkable, Ogden’s lack of available land means projects have impact when they happen.  This project ads to other housing developments occurring at the corner of Wall and 7th St., and proposals at 13th and Lincoln and 13th and Wall Ave.

Those of you wanting to learn more about the project can do so here.