OGDEN RISING: Teleperformance Metamorphs into Citywalk

OGDEN RISING: Teleperformance Metamorphs into Citywalk

In December of 2021, the Lotus Company, a large developer based out of Salt Lake City, purchased three parcels of land which encompasses the Ogden Plaza at 23rd and Grant Ave. The site might be most famous for hosting the Teleperformance building among some other small shops in the strip.

The Planning Commission held a meeting recently to review fine tuned details of the plan for the site. Based on the specs and the drawings, the project that will replace the existing structures there is impressive.

Above is the current aerial view of the block.  Below is the proposed site design.


The Teleperformance building will be torn down and in its place will be installed two new apartment buildings with amenities.


Meanwhile, another apartment building will be built between the two Davinci School buildings at opposite ends of the block.  Amenities at the development will include a coffee shop and pickleball court.

The recent Planning Commission meeting detailed modifications to the design of the project and recommends that several residential live-work units be permitted along Lincoln Ave as well as modifying the height requirements of balconies on the 2nd level and a few other technical changes.

The building will host a mix of unit sizes.  The make up is contained in the chart below:


This increase in living space in Downtown should be a boost for existing businesses.  While ground has yet to be broken, this project may take several years to complete if given final approval.  Meanwhile, large buildings that have been under construction for years are finally coming on line and being absorbed by current demand.  Rent rates have stagnated while this absorption process occurs.  It is an interesting time in the housing market!