SKULL CRACKED: Causey Reservoir to Receive Parking Update

SKULL CRACKED: Causey Reservoir to Receive Parking Update

Until recently, one of the best kept secrets of outdoor adventure in Weber County was Causey Reservoir.  Just 25 minutes from downtown Ogden, the out-of-the-way water hole was a quick reprieve from city heat.  The reservoir’s back country location provides ample wildlife sightseeing opportunities, water recreation, and a chance to temporarily escape the din of city life.

Well, the secret is out, and on any warm weekend you can expect to see the area packed with cars as outdoor enthusiasts sharpen their elbows to get the best parking spots closest to the trailhead or kayak launch.  In recent years, the parking has become unbearable and nearly impossible in some cases.

So, it is happy news to hear, according to the U.S. Forest Service, that improvements are coming to the Causey Reservoir area.  This should help provide a more orderly process for accessing the water and reduce unnecessary wear and tear on the landscape as people will no longer be tempted to trample through the bushes and take the shortest route from their car to the water.

The plan calls for a new parking lot just south of the first bend in the road on the south side of the dam.

Causey Reservior

Also, the parking lot at the trailhead will be more than doubled in size.  Finally, a new boat ramp will be installed for search and rescue workers.  With cliff jumping being popular in the area, faster rescue (or sadly recovery) is sorely needed.

Weber County is growing and demands are being placed on our outdoor resources.  These improvements should help people enjoy them in a responsible and sustainable way.  Hopefully, the folks living in Causey Estates will also appreciate their more abundant weekend neighbors.