NEW RENTAL LAWS: 2023 Legislative Session Roundup

NEW RENTAL LAWS:  2023 Legislative Session Roundup

The 2023 General Session of the Utah Legislature has come to a close and now that the dust is settling, we get to see what happened.  On the rental property front there were several bills proposed that would have disrupted business as usual.  Happily, these bad ideas were squashed and some common sense legislation emerged from melee.

HB314 Remedies for Victims of Domestic Violence

This bill deals with releasing tenants who have been victims of domestic violence from their lease obligations.  In the event that a tenant experiences domestic violence and needs to vacate their unit, a tenant may give notice of their intent to vacate within 15 days and pay one month’s rent on or before the time of their departure.  The tenant would then be removed from their lease obligation.  Notice would include police records of domestic violence or a restraining order provided by the courts.


SB191 Condominium and Community Association Amendments 

This bill deals with a host of issues related to HOA governance and new hot topics like solar installation and water restrictions.  But, one of the big topics affecting landlords in this bill is the ability of HOA’s to charge landlords extra fees who own rentals in an HOA.  This bill granted HOA’s who permit less than 35% of their units to be rentals the authority to charge landlords $250 per year as an admin fee.


While there were many bills debated relating to the rental market, most were defeated.  Utah continues to be an example of common sense rules governing the needs of both landlords and tenants.

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