OGDEN RISING: Encircle Ogden, Carroll Building Makeover, Quirky Commercial Conversion

OGDEN RISING: Encircle Ogden, Carroll Building Makeover, Quirky Commercial Conversion

There are a lot of intriguing developments happening in Ogden.


The Encircle program, a non-profit dedicated to providing an impartial safe space for LGBTQ youth and their families to gather and receive support, has recently purchased the lot located at 2470 Washington Blvd.

The lot has acted as a “park” for decades.  The prior owner, also the prior owner of the Windsor Hotel which recently sold, had planned to develop housing on the lot but a sour experience with the Ogden City Council in 2008 regarding the Windsor Hotel scuttled those plans.  Fast forward, and the new owners have some ambitious plans for the space.

The plans call for a historic style facade and substantial edifice to grace Washintgon Blvd.  It is exciting to see the design work that went into creating a new building that honors the historic spirit of Ogden’s streetscape.



A proposal has recently been made to make changes to the historic Carroll Building at 333 24th St. The proposal appears to request giving the building a contemporary augmentation on the exterior while making use of the interior for office space.  But, while simple in scope, this may be a difficult decision for city leaders.

The building is presently an empty shell. But, given the historic nature of the building and the historic windows and meticulously restored woodwork currently found at the building entrance, it will be interesting to see which way the city council goes on approving the contemporary changes.  It would be a major loss to the city to remove the fine historic woodwork and windows, but it would also be wonderful to have the space used again after sitting dormant for so many years.  Hopefully, there is a way to put the space back to use but preserve the history of the building.



A corner market unit recently sold at 740 28th street at the intersection of 28th and Liberty Ave.  The unique property was once a salon with the last updates to the building done sometime in the 1960’s.  The space is attached to a neighborhood grocery and the walls of the building sit on the property line.  In a recent proposal, the owner has asked that the space be converted to residential use!  With housing in such short supply, the request is certainly not a surprise. This will be a unique property to say the least.

When the property was for sale, I had a chance to do a video tour of the unit for a client who was interested.  Be sure to check out the “secret room” under the sidewalk.