BEFORE AND AFTER: Historic Ogden Home Bathroom Remodel

BEFORE AND AFTER:  Historic Ogden Home Bathroom Remodel

We just completed the remodel of an old tired bathroom in a historic home that we manage as a rental in Ogden.  The bathroom was last remodeled sometime in the late 1990’s or early 2000’s.  Big 18′ tiles were used and they were placed directly over top of the wood floor.  Because of the flexibility of the wood floors, the tiles began to crack and weaken over time.  This led to tenants complaining about sharp tile edges and unstable floors.

Replacing the broken tiles was a difficult proposition because we would be putting new tile on wood floor which would lead to the same problem occurring later.  We wanted to do the job right.  The tenant also wanted the job done right.  So, after discussing the options with the owner and the tenant, we opted for a full remodel of the bathroom.  The tenant moved out on his own accord for two weeks while we did the work.

The final product turned out to be amazing.  We are super excited about the outcome and know this has added a tremendous value to the home for the owner.  The tenant is also excited about the finished product.


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