JUST SOLD! Downtown Ogden Cottage

JUST SOLD!  Downtown Ogden Cottage


I recently closed on the sale of this property I listed in Downtown Ogden.

Ogden Utah Cottage

This home is located at 578 24th St. just  a couple blocks from Washington Blvd.  It is walking distance to everything cool about Downtown Ogden.  The home is unique in that it would qualify as a tiny home.  Its livable footprint is only 850 SQFT.

Ogden Cottage Renovation

Interestingly, the sale of this home is an excellent example of what is happening in the housing market in general.  When the seller asked me to do a market analysis months before we listed the property, I estimated it would sell around the $85,000 price point.  Later though, we began to have doubts about that price being too low.  We listed the home in early June for $89,900.  Showings were steady at first.


Then, in August, we received two offers.  The higher of the two was at list price and asked for very minimal concessions.  We accepted.  Later, the lender required some changes on how the concessions were treated.  We increased the purchase price to $91,500 to make the numbers work for the sellers in light of the new concession requirements of the buyers.   The home appraised at that price point and we closed.

Congratulations to my sellers!

If you are looking to sell your property and want to know what it is worth, CONTACT ME, and I would be glad to give you an estimate.