JUST SOLD! Historic Callie E. Cave Home

JUST SOLD! Historic Callie E. Cave Home

We just closed on the sale of the Historic Callie E. Cave home located at 2202 Adams Ave. in Ogden, Utah.

The home was originally listed for sale in late November for $249,900.  After a couple of weeks of relatively slow activity, the price was dropped to $244,900.  A steady drumbeat of showings began after that and the home was placed under contract on January 31st.  The buyer was self-employed and requested a longer contract time to help facilitate the financing process.  Our clients accommodated the buyer.

Unfortunately, the buyer became part of a divorce during the contract process.  After some turbulence during the loan processing, the buyer decided he didn’t want the home.  The buyer cancelled the contract after the due diligence deadline and forfeited $1,500 in earnest money.

The home went on the market again.  It only took a few days for us to receive another offer.  This one was VA and the buyer offered $244,000 with a request for $4,500 in closing costs assistance.  Our sellers accepted this offer.

Once engaged, the loan process and inspections went smoothly.  Buyer requested repairs were made to a couple of items.  Funds were also collected to repair the fence which blew down during a recent wind storm.  The loan was finally wrapped up and the transaction closed earlier than expected.

Congratulations to our sellers!  If you are in the market to sell your home, CONTACT ME, and let’s make sure you get the most for your home.