JUST SOLD! Northern Ogden Duplex

JUST SOLD!  Northern Ogden Duplex

We just closed on the sale of this brick duplex located in the northern reaches of Ogden City.  Located at 126 N. Harrison Blvd., this property has been under our management since January of 2016.  The owner was referred to us for management services by another Realtor.  Our client decided it was time to sell and their Realtor reached out to us to organize a game plan.  The property was listed at $199,900.

It also happened to be that we had our own buyer who was looking for a property in this price range. He was looking for a duplex to occupy as his own residence. We presented the property information to him and he placed an offer on the property.  We offered $199,900 and requested $5,000 in closing costs be paid by the seller.  The seller countered us at a $204,000 price while still paying closing costs.  We accepted.

The property received several other back up offers from other buyers.

The appraisal and inspections went well and the property closed as anticipated.


Congratulations to our buyers!  If you are looking for an investment property in the Ogden market, CONTACT ME, and let’s see what we can find that meets your needs.