JUST SOLD! Northern Ogden East Bench Beauty

JUST SOLD!  Northern Ogden East Bench Beauty

We just closed on the sale of this nicely finished home located in northern Ogden’s east bench.  Located at 1069 Avalon east of Harrison Blvd., this 3 bed 3 bath home is tucked away on a quiet road nestled next to the mountain.  The home is 1,732 SQFT and configured with a multi-level floorplan.

The property was listed for sale for $254,900 on June 22nd.  After viewing several other potential properties with our clients we determined that this one was the best fit for their needs.  We placed a full price offer with no concessions.  The sellers accepted our offer.

The inspection revealed a few deferred maintenance items and the sellers wanted to extend the settlement deadline a couple weeks to accommodate them moving into an apartment.  So, our clients requested compensation in the form of a $2,000 credit toward their closing costs.  The sellers agreed to the request.


Unfortunately, the sellers and the listing agent appeared to be a bit aggressive in their pricing of the home.  The appraiser who visited the home assessed its value at just $243,000.  While negotiating the situation, the listing agent presented comparable sales to us that at most could justify a value of $250,000.  Our clients ultimately agreed to pay that price and bridge the difference by providing additional cash at closing.  Given the shortage of quality homes in their price range, our clients felt it was best to move forward now than to wait for an even smaller home to come along at a higher price.

Congratulations to our buyers!  If you are looking to purchase a home in today’s competitive market, CONTACT ME, and let’s discuss your options and what we can do to find the right home for you.