JUST SOLD! Renovated 1920’s Ogden Bungalow

JUST SOLD! Renovated 1920’s Ogden Bungalow

We just closed on the sale of this cute bungalow in Ogden.  The home is 4 bedrooms and 1 bath with a freshly updated kitchen and bath.  Improvements also included new carpet, paint, water heater, roof reinforcement, and more.


Here you can see the before and after pictures of the work done on the home.


The bathroom was updated with a new tile surround, vanity, and backspash.

The kitchen renovation included gutting the existing cabinets and replacing them.  Another bank of cabinets was also added to house the new refrigerator and oven.  Granite counter tops and tile back splash were also installed.


We listed this home on July 10th for $124,900.  We quickly received several offers and put the home under contract two days later.  However, once the buyer walked through the property, they cancelled without comment.  That perplexed us.  We placed the home back on the market and received several more offers.  We put the home under contract again on July 26th.  A couple weeks later this buyer also cancelled their offer.  However, this time we discovered that there were some weakened roof trusses and some roots in the sewer line.  So, we took the home off the market for a week while the roof was reinforced and the sewer line was scoured of roots.  Both problems were solved.


We placed the home back on the market on August 8th.  We received several offers.  We accepted one and placed the home under contract.  Unfortunately, the real estate agent representing the buyer was a newbie.  So was the buyer’s loan officer.  We progressed through the contract until the financing deadline.  At that point the agent requested an extension saying that they had an underwriting guideline to satisfy (the buyer needed to sell her car), and that the sale was done but just needed to be documented with the lender.  We agreed to extend.  Then, we got another request to extend a week.  Begrudgingly we accepted.  The day before our settlement deadline, our title company had not seen documents from the lender.  I texted the agent about the closing deadline.  At that point, he responded that he didn’t know if his client had sold the car or not.  I was confused because I had been led to believe the issue had been resolved weeks ago.  It had not.


The agent asked us to give his client time to sell her car.  We declined his request and placed the home on the market again on September 27th.  We advertised that offers with earnest money less than $1000 would not be considered.  We placed the contract under contract again on October 2nd and retained the other buyer’s $500 earnest money as liquid damages for defaulting on their contract.


These last buyers were a dream to work with.  Their agent was professional and timely.  We resolved any hiccups quickly and we were able to close at a sales price of $127,100 while offering $5,000 in seller paid closing costs.


Congratulations to our seller!  If you are thinking of selling your home, CONTACT ME, and let’s make sure you work with a qualified buyer and get a fair price on your home.