JUST SOLD! Renovated Ogden Rental

JUST SOLD! Renovated Ogden Rental

I just recently closed on the sale of this listing located at 968  Jefferson Ave. in Ogden.  This home was purchased by the owner back in 2009 and used as a rental property until recently.  The tenant vacated in late Spring and the owner wanted to have the home made ready for market.  We organized the renovation of the property and prepared to put the home’s best face forward.


The home is petite with just 670 SQFT upstairs and a partial basement space that is half finished.  The home sits on a .16 acre lot which is made to feel larger given the home’s small footprint.  The home also has a small shed.


Given the 1927 build date, the home has a lot of the architectural features you would expect.  The divided-pane windows are a nice touch.






We listed this property in mid-November for $94,900.  We received an immediate full-price offer which we accepted.  The offer was later increased to $98,800 to cover the buyer’s closing costs.

Congratulations to our seller!  If you are thinking of selling your home, CONTACT ME, and lets see what price your home will fetch in the market.