JUST SOLD! Roy Mid-Century Rambler

JUST SOLD! Roy Mid-Century Rambler

We just closed on the sale of this vintage rambler located at 5027 S. 2125 W. in Roy.  We listed this property for sale on the 23rd of November for $234,900 and immediately had interested buyers making offers.  The property has had one owner since 1959 and the home, while clean, needed some upgrades.


Our first offer was from an agent representing an investor.  Sloppily, the agent emailed the offer but didn’t call or text us that he had sent it.  His client offered $174,000 in cash.  Hilariously, the agent included a pre-qualification letter for a different client than was listed on the purchase contract.  Our client politely ignored this offer.



Our second offer was even more interesting.  These buyers offered full price.  But, they made the offer contingent on the sale of their home which they had not listed for sale nor was it ready to list for sale.  Then, the contract was not only contingent on the byer’s home going under contract but the agent asked us to start our due diligence and financing deadlines after her client’s home had closed.  So, that meant we would be under contract and wasting time for almost 3 months before having an opportunity to close on the sale of my client’s property.  There was a lot at risk and there didn’t seem to be a lot of reward to compensate.  When I spoke to the buyer’s agent about this strange offer her response was: “If it’s meant to happen, it will work out.”  It wasn’t meant to happen. (NOTE: Hope is not a good business strategy.)



Our third offer came in at $215,000 and asking for $5,500 in closing cost concessions.  We countered at $225,000 and offered $2,250 in concessions.  Our counteroffer was rejected by the buyers.



The fourth offer was enthusiastically presented to us at $190,000.  They were extremely excited to purchase the property at that price.  We threw a bucket of ice water on them.



The fifth offer came to us at $225,000 and requested $5,000 in closing cost assistance.  We accepted this offer.  After the home inspection, some items were identified that needed attention.  We increased the closing cost concession to $6,500 to help give the buyer room to make the needed repairs.  The appraisal come in at value and we close on the sale of the property.



Congratulations to our sellers!  If you are wanting to sell your home and want to know what it is worth, CONTACT ME, and I will get you a complimentary market analysis.