JUST SOLD! South Ogden Home With Accessory Apartments

JUST SOLD!  South Ogden Home With Accessory Apartments

I just closed on the sale of this very unique property located in South Ogden, Utah.  This particular home was constructed originally with one accessory apartment and a separate office space attached to the main living quarters.  Later, the office was converted into a separate apartment thus making the home a triplex.


I sold this property to the owners back in 2007 and they made the largest unit their home for the past 8 years.  A change in lifestyle required them to sell the home so they could continue on to their next adventure.  So, we listed the home originally for $324,900.  Almost immediately, we began to have interest in the property.  We received an offer for $308,000 from someone familiar with the property and immediately went under contract.  A couple weeks later the home inspections were completed.  The buyers noticed some items that had escaped their initial review and requested a couple concessions.  We negotiated a new price of $306,875.


The appraisal was interesting due to the unique nature of the property.  The appraiser originally reviewed the property as single family home but then revised his approach to that of a triplex.  The challenge that posed was that there are very few triplex sales in the area to use as a measure of comparable value.  Nevertheless, the building appraised at our negotiated contract price.


We finally closed on the property and the new buyers were able to make a part of this triplex their new home.

Congrats to our sellers!