JUST SOLD! Historic Craftsman Diamond in the Rough

JUST SOLD!  Historic Craftsman Diamond in the Rough

We just closed on the sale of this rare historic craftsman home located at 2255 Jefferson Ave. in Ogden.  The home was constructed in 1918 and later subdivided into 6 apartments.  At over 4000 SQFT, the home boasts a huge footprint with plenty of room to occupy.  The buyers of the the home will be utilizing Unit Reduction Money from Ogden City to convert this building back into a single residence.


The buyers paid $160,000 for the home.  The construction budget is approximately $110,000 to complete the renovation.  Look for a beautiful historic gem to materialize on Jefferson Ave. sometime in the Spring.  In the meantime, if you are looking for a historic home of your own to restore, CONTACT ME, and lets see what opportunities are waiting for you in Ogden’s historic neighborhoods.